Ilya, Willemien and Christian

Ilya, right, third-place winner, and the other winners
of the 2005 village "marathon" of 2.5 km (1.5 miles)

Ilya wishes you a sparkling 2002 from sparkling blue water

Willemien somewhere in Greece or Italy

Christian and his boat

Christian and his sons José and Ilya on the water

Ilya and the dog on the boat

Beautiful group shot somewhere!

Williemien and Ilya at Henk & Ina's house in December 1999

When Ilya was little he visited us at our old house in Valhalla, New York:

Willemien, Liese, Ilya and Christiaan in Valhalla

Liese and Ilya

Tim & Ilya


Liese & Ilya outside

One more hug

See Ilya in Amsterdam in 2002!
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