Walking over the Crosswicks Creek
Labor Day 2007

This River Line train, having just left Bordentown, is headed for Camden

In Bordentown you can still see hitching posts for horses

Episcopal Church, Prince Street, 1879

Episcopal Church graveyard

some of the older gravestones are no longer legible...

At the end of Farnsworth is a ramp down to the creek

the ramp was built in 1932, the year my father was born

At the bottom of the ramp, three forms of transportation meet--road, train tracks, waterway

boats in the creek

the trestle bridge over the Crosswicks Creek

on the other side of the bridge the tracks continue on to Trenton, but it's all extremely rural-looking

once on the other side of the bridge you're officially in the 1,250-acre Hamilton-Trenton-Bordentown Marsh

It's easy to get lost in the marsh, which has eight miles of walking trails and 11 miles of water trails

and it's very easy to forget you're just a few miles from Trenton

here comes the RiverLine over the trestle bridge, now in the direction of Trenton

boats in the creek with Route 295 and the Delaware in the distance

The Coast Guard has a small outpost near the Bordentown Yacht Club

stone bench overlooking the creek

we often have boats parked on our main street on their way to the river...

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