With Ken and Carol in Bordentown and Pennsylvania
July 2007

the Mainers meet Tom Paine at the end of Prince Street

elaborate 19th-century wrought iron

wrought iron wheat in front of the Hopkins House

Off to PA! The entrance to Rob's mother's family's ancestral farm in Covington, PA

Covington's about 45 minutes south of Elmira, NY,
or as Rob put it in the invitation, "equally far from everywhere!"

The farm was absolutely beautiful. Here's a view from the (1860) house,
overlooking the pond and what's called the coop, cuz it used to be one (now the party building).

Here's (most of) the group. Except for a few spouses (and Craig's kids, lol),
we all graduated Syracuse in 1979 or 1980. Which makes us, like, almost fifty.

Robin and me shucking corn for thirty. We were representing Jersey.

Rob basting the chicken with his family's "secret" recipe
(conveniently posted on the walk-in cooler door)

Ken and Rob have the chicken under control

Carol and Tina made delicious blueberry and peach pies.

Carol had picked the blueberries up in Maine and graphic artist Tina made the top crusts beautiful!

cakes for the occasion

Kate and her husband Brian came the farthest, from Seattle

Missy and Sue in the paddle boat. Missy and Bill came from Massachusetts.

Steve, Carol in the coop

Missy tries out Steve's guitar

Sue, Ken, Tim, Tom

The grown-up boys of Brewster 2...a group of guys who happened to live
on one floor of a dorm their freshman year and have stayed friends ever since.

Deb (48) and Ken (49), 2007

Deb (18) and Ken (19), 1977 (at an SU football game)

the pond

artistic shot of Steve playing, taken through a window screen

woodpile for making campfires at night

Ken showing pix of Maria and Jack to Deb, Tom and Steve

Tom  came from Staten Island, Craig from Iowa and Ken from Maine

Rob and Sue came from their home in Portland, Maine
via Sue's family's camp outside Lake Placid, NY

Tom came from Vermont, Che came from Argentina

Steve demonstrates how we'll all look at the next reunion....

pond at dusk

It was great to see everyone...

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