Tim and Liese Visit Hungary
August 2005

the Hungarian countryside about an hour north of Budapest, near the Slovakian border, where the kids' dad Marcel has a summer house

entrance to Marcel's house 

Kids and their half-sister Kim

more views of the house and yard...
there are actually two little houses side by side...
Tim and Liese had their own!

Tim, Liese, the kids' stepmother Inge and their father Marcel

charming square in Debrecen in eastern Hungary, near the Romanian border
the yellow building is the church and everybody climbed to the top

Marcel and his kids get ready to check out the famous
therapeutic mineral waters of one of Hungary's many spas.

"taking the waters" along with LOTS of old people, says Tim...

Marcel and Tim in the garden

the friendly next-door neighbors, "Polibaci" and Mrs. Polibaci
when I asked the kids what they liked most about Hungary they both said "the people!"
they were very friendly and unlike western Europeans, do not hate Americans (yet)

gathered under the grapes

the table at Polibaci's...that's his homemade wine they're drinking

Tim feeds the chickens

Liese pets the bunny...almost all the Hungarians they met
in the countryside kept chickens and rabbits for food.

Hungarian trains, covered in graffiti

Tim and Liese at a small train station
kids said they stood out in their American clothing...
Liese's pre-ripped jeans were a particular source of amusement...

Liese watches the countryside go by and Tim snoozes on the train to Budapest

sightseeing in the capital with the other tourists...

Liese holds up a column in Budapest, that's the Danube in the background

view of the Danube winding through Budapest

the Danube separates Buda and Pest...that's the Hungarian Parliament on the far bank

church in Budapest

Liese by a landmark in Budapest

Marcel's Beemer, which the kids got to drive

Kids in a restaurant in a small town

Liese enjoys a beer in the local pub...the man at the left is a
very smart member of the Hungarian parliament and friend of Marcel's.
He was giving Liese a lesson in Hungarian history.

left, a small border crossing into Slovakia
right, the road into Hungary from Slovakia

grapes Polibaci will make into Hungarian wine...

girls at sunset...till next time!

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