Anneliese in Israel
August 2007

exciting trip itinerary here

The group arrives in Tel Aviv.
Anneliese is in the back row, 6th from left

back row, fourth from left

far left

and now far right

shades off!

I know you can pick her out here...

and here

and here!

looking like a real photographer with her non-digital camera

Don't ask me what these girls are doing with toothpicks and bottle caps...


looking very serious...

told to smile!

pink baseball cap

new friends

group. Anneliese in front with legs crossed

dressed modestly for a visit to the Western wall

the Western wall, Jerusalem
(photo credit: Anneliese)

Jerusalem, across from the Western Wall
(photo credit: Anneliese)

back to t-shirts, baseball caps and BIG water bottles...

stairs with Star of David

shade is good...


descending into the caves at Bet Guvrin

she really enjoyed the day spent excavating, and they found a lotta stuff!

excavating in the caves

what do we have?

emerging from the caves

Miniature Israel, tourist trap

the desert

The Dead Sea!

Anneliese and Alex covered in mud from the Dead Sea

sunrise hike up Massada (they started at 2:30 am!)

eating ice cream with Alex

on the cruise

Alex, hat

(Anneliese took the black & white ones herself!)

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