Jude's 40th Birthday Party
Mad River Glen, Vermont
May 2005

The crowd (practically the entire population of the Mad River Valley) at the base box,
which opened post-snow just for the occasion. Before it got dark,
the kids amused themselves by running up and then rolling down the ski mountain.

The birthday girl, her sisters and SOME of her many girlfriends:
Deb, Jeannie, Doreen, Bert, Jude, Char, Gina (Dylan's 1st and 2nd grade teacher) holding Cameron

Char, Jude, Kim holding Sophie

Jude's dear friend Sharon (since 8th grade!) flew in from her home in San Francisco.

Shar and Jude with Samantha and Haley (Ellin in background)

Jude and Donna (the Valley's yoga instructor!)

Danya, Bob (aka Dino-man) and Donna

Jude and  Doreen

Bert, Jude, Char (unretouched photo, can't explain Charlotte's eyes!)

Laurie, Katie, Prudence (Dylan's 3rd grade teacher, holding her daughter),
Gina and Cameron, Char, Jeannie

more smiling chicks

Sharon talks it over with Paté

How many kids does it take to run an iPod? Doreen and Andrew's older son Austin
was the official deejay (and he did a great job!) but he got a lot of help from the young'uns.
Here he's explaining something to Dylan while half the Warren Elementary School looks on.
Dancing the night away with Matt, Tucker and Sayer
Of course, Paul McCartney's classic "Hey Jude"  was the evening's #1 singalong
(and yes, Jude does get royalties every time she uses her email address...)
Jude with Char, Jeannie and Doreen

Jude and Mackenz

Jude and Samantha

Sharon and Michael having fun

Jeannie, Katie, Laurie

Mackenz, Andrew, Jude. Doreen, Sharon, Paté

Brook and Matt

Prudence, Paté and Katie

The next generation of Vermont girls!

MB, Brian and Brook

Donna and her daughter Carly

Jeannie and Katie

Samantha and Carly

Sam (the girl) and Carly, one more time

Dylan and his friends admire the bulletin board Bert put together with pictures from Jude's first 40 years.

To kick off the "official" segment of the program,
Bert and Deb lead the crowd in a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday."

Jude doesn't like cake so those are martini glasses
filled with apple crisp holding the candles.

Enjoying the good food and drink while listening to tributes to Jude from family and friends
MB, Paté, Katie, Michael, Brook, Neil

more peeps listening to the tributes

Doreen speaks candidly about sleeping with Judy,,,

while Jude listens with Sam...

...and Angus brings down the house with his
hilarious description of Jude's painted toenails
Dylan ends the tributes, "The best thing about my mom is, she's a very good mom."

Jude collects herself to read her list of 40 important things

Listening while Jude reads:
Tim, Deb, Sharon, Bert, Steve, Angus

Goose gets a smooch for the best stand-up act of the night

As the party broke up, a pole climbing contest ensued,
and Hobie was the clear champion.

Austin took the trophy in the non-barefoot division.

Sam (the boy) gives it a good shot while his mom Char represents the grownups

Save the last dance for me!
Judy and Dylan

photo credit most pix Char

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