Christmas, New Year's and Robijn's birthday in Holland, December 1998-January 1999

Gita, Henk & Ina's dog


Ina raises her glass

Anneliese and the newest family member, Baukje


Margit definitely gets the joke

Would you trust this man to be your dentist?

Robijn being normal (rare shot)

Serious-looking Ymke with bear and Barbie

Willem offers a toast

Fenna entertains us on the kazoo

Henk & Ina

Anneliese with necklace

Ymke & Anneliese

Professional Credit: The reason you don't see Tim in these pictures is because he took most of them!

Spring Snowstorm in Holland

Fence in snow (early April 1999)

Fence close-up


Trees and sky


River with smoke on opposite bank

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