Megan in Vermont August 2001
old pix of Megan and other Valhalla friends

Megan on the swing at Dutch Neck, July 2000

Megan and Liese under a tree

Liese and Megan

Striking a pose in Liese's bedroom

Megan falls for the joke!

Liese and Megan upside down

Megan on the slide...

and the jungle gym

Megan with some of Liese's 12th birthday gifts

On the piano bench

on the beach at 11th Street
Surf City, Long Beach Island

Examining marine life

September 1998

Lunch at the Annex on Nassau Street,
Princeton's main street

Siamese twins?

Relaxing by the fountain at Prospect Gardens,
Princeton University

The back of Prospect House, Princeton University

Prospect House again
Katie, Megan, Liese, Eileen, Tim

In front of our house

Friends forever
in front of the pumpkin farm in our backyard!

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