The new place...

This is the back of the apartment, showing Tim's room, the living room and Deb's room with patio.

Liese's patio

Our "dining area"

Liese on the computer in Deb's room

Close-up of Liese at the pooter

View out the sliding glass doors in Deb's room

living room

Tim eating fruit salad in the living room

hallway to kids' wing

Our new apartment is on the ground floor and backs onto the woods.
We are in the same town, four miles from our old house
and a little bit closer to downtown Princeton.

We get two pools, outdoor tennis and basketball courts,
indoor racquetball courts and a really nice fitness center.
As Tim says, "There's something to do here!"

The floor plan.
Deb in bedroom #1, Liese in #2, Tim in the third bedroom
which has folding doors so when he goes away to college we can make it into a den.
Liese has a double closet and access to the bath she shares with Tim from her own room.
There is a full-size washer and dryer in the apartment. All the appliances are brand new.

You can read more about the place here.

Deb, Tim and Liese would like to thank
Vivian, Bert, Stephen, Dan, Deb, and Jude
for all their help during this crazy time.

THP Home