Anneliese in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Lower Manhattan, September 2008

Pace was founded in 1906 as a business school and became a full-fledged university in 1973.

It's located in lower Manhattan right at the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge and next to City Hall.
This is the Municipal Building, i.e. NY's City Hall, deliberately over the top in its Renaissance Revival architecture (1914)

close-up of the Municipal Building with cupola

City Hall through the trees

Pace, main building

Pace's own Barnes & Noble

old name of the city, Dutch for "dam on the river Amstel" (not really appropriate for "dam on the river Hudson")

new name of the city, Lenape for "island of many hills"

Anneliese flashes the peace sign outside city hall

chillin' by the fountain in City Hall Park

fountain close-up

peeps walking over the Brooklyn Bridge on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon

spray painter draws a crowd

subway station for Pace/City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge

talking to friend Rob

Polish consulate in mid-town near Rob's apartment

NYC Public Library under some sort of scaffolding (always reminds me of Ghostbusters!)

Empire State Building from right below...Liese says she never noticed how UGLY it is

on to Brooklyn!
one of five community gardens very close to Liese's house in Bushwick; this one is on her block

The gardens are planted in vacant lots and tended by the local residents working as volunteers.
They are supported by Green Thumb, a  great organization that provides
free training, equipment and materials to community gardeners.

view of Manhattan from rooftop of Anneliese's house in Brooklyn

entrance to Liese's residence, the Biko House in Bushwick, Brooklyn
(named for South African freedom fighter Steve Biko
, played by Denzel Washington in Cry Freedom)

ornate exterior of Liese's new house, a former Episcopalian monastery (this was the order)

her very own balcony! it's like having a backyard!

on the door of the building

living room with one of two pianos in the house

three lovely cousins visiting one of Liese's housemates

kitchen in Liese's house

chapel in Liese's house. a remnant of the monastery...the other piano is in here

exposed brick in Liese's room, which used to belong to one of the order's brothers

Liese's closet and desk

Liese in her room eating cotton candy I brought her from the Jersey shore
(it had hardened somewhat but still melted in your mouth and tasted the same!)

Anneliese at her Mac finding us a place to go to lunch

all ready for lunch in Williamsburg

on the way to the train we passed Liese's laundromat, "Britt's on Bushwick"

at the local stop on the L train, just two blocks from her house

Williamsburg house covered in mosaic

the difference between Bushwick and Williamsburg (just a few subway stops apart) is staggering...
whereas Liese's poor neighborhood has only greasy spoons, gentrified Billyburg is filled with
healthy,trendy eateries announced by signs like "Don't panic, it's organic!"

Deb in the Thai restaurant where the food was delicious

back to Jersey over the Verrazano bridge on a foggy day

See you soon Liesey!

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