Brazil, July 2000
Rio de Janeiro
(for pictures of Bahia, click here)

Copacobana Beach
Copacobana Beach
the view from our hotel room in Rio

Copacobana Palace Hotel
The Copacabana Palace, where we stayed
on the Avenida Atlantica

Copacobana Hotel pool
The great big pool at the Copacabana
(from the hotel brochure)

Avenida Atlantica
Avenida Atlantica, which parallels the ocean in Rio

cable car
the famous cable car up to Pćo de Aēucar (Sugarloaf)

Deb at top of Pao
Deb at the top of  Pćo de Aēucar

view of Rio
another great view from Pćo

part of Rio
A tiny part of the gigantic city of Rio,
as seen from Corcovado

lake in middle of Rio
Lake Rodrigo Freitas in the
middle of Rio on a cloudy day

This is Corcovada on a nice day

bamboo forest
Bamboo forest

Deb in Rio
Deb with bamboo background

Avenida Atlantica at night
Copacana Beach and the Avenida Atlantica at night

(for pictures of Bahia, click here)

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