Weekend in Los Angeles
November 2000

Universal Studios

Venice Beach pix
Santa Monica pix

San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Mountains
San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel Mountains as seen from Universal

facade from Back to the Future
Back to the Future facade at Universal Studios

reentry module from Apollo 13
Rentry module from Apollo 13

Beethoven and trainer at Universal Studios
Beethoven, Hollywood's most
famous canine star, with trainer

chimp from Dr. Doolittle
Chimp from Dr. Doolittle

Liese and Lassie
Liese and the latest Lassie

Liese and Petey
Liese and Petey, the dog from The Little Rascals

Liese in stocks at Universal
Liese in the stocks at Universal

big guitar at Hard Rock Cafe
Big guitar at the Hard Rock Cafe

Jurassic Park set at Universal
Jurassic Park set on Universal's backlot

Venice Beach pix
Santa Monica pix

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