North Hero and Burlington, Vermont
August 2007

Fred and Anneliese on the Lake Champlain ferry from Plattsburgh, NY to South Hero, VT.
Fred's first glimpse of beautiful Lake Champlain!

Good map of the islands (click to open in a new window then click again to enlarge).
Bert and Stephen's camp is on Oak Ridge Lane off North End Road West
at the northern end of the northern part of North Hero Island (that's a lot of NORTH).

Fred takes out the rowboat Stephen saved from drifting aimlessly down the lake...

getting the hang of it!

Liese watches from the dock

Now to take Anneliese for a row...

the gorgeous sky over the lake

Uncle Stephen makes a stop in Burlington to get him and TIM comes to the island!

Anneliese, Tim, Fred on the dock

Aunt Bert watering her island garden

black-eyed Susans

late summer garden

Liese enjoying one of Uncle Stephen's perfectly roasted marshmallows

Uncle Stephen's deluxe marshmallow sticks, made from metal hangers

Tim retrieves his darts from the board

Burlington! In front of Tim's house.
Tim's holding all his winter coats which we brought up from Jersey.

wood-burning brick fireplace in Tim's house

Tim demonstrates the trampoline in his backyard

This graffiti-splattered place is the "beer pong" room of Tim's basement

another view of the pong setup and the tagged walls

Bert in front of a former firehouse turned art gallery

Burlington City Hall

The only moving neon marquee in Vermont (they're outlawed now; it was grandfathered in)
at Nectar's, the tiny club where jam band Phish (originally a UVM band) started out

the very European-looking bar at Leunig's Bistro & Café on Church Street

glasses at Leunig's

Bert's favorite coffee house in Burlington

messy entrance to (the underground) Pure Pop, Burlington's great independent record store

some of the colorful display racks at Pure Pop

Radiohead poster purchased to decorate Tim's room

Window displays at Old Gold, purveyor of vintage 60s and 70s wear

Old armory, now vacant and available...

The bar at Pacfic Rim

The ceiling at Pacific Rim

Bert and Deb inside Pacific Rim

Fred and Tim practice their chopstick technique

Anneliese and Aunt Bert at Pacific Rim--the blondes. having more fun!

Deb and Tim at Pacific Rim

Uncle Stephen at Pacific Rim

leaving Tim behind in the big city, we return to the lake for a couple more nights
here's Liese reading in the morning sun

Skipper Stephen aboard his pleasure craft

Aunt Bert bathed in gold, on the beach at sunset

admiring the sunset

as always, we saw some spectacular sunsets over the lake

crazy beautiful, and oh-so-temporary

sometimes it's cloudy all day and the sun comes out JUST to give you a gorgeous sunset!

Neighbor George tugs his sailboat down the misty lake on our last night

Our gracious hosts, Captain and Mrs. Bob-a-Lot

It was an unusual trip to Vermont, the first when we did not see Judy and Dylan
at all and the first when we were VISITING Tim, not bringing him up with us.
Also Fred's first trip to the state (and it's only his fifth state!)

Watch little movies of the lake here and here.

Thanks Aunt Bert and Uncle Stephen for all the hospitality.
Thanks Vermont for being beautiful as usual!

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