Teen Road Trip
North Hero and Montreal
August 2005

Eva walks down the dock at Camp Bob-a-Lot.
Kids loved Aunt Bert's cooking of food fresh from her garden.

Liese on the dock, enjoying another SCORCHING August day in Vermont!

Fox follows Tim down the dock

who knows what Tim is trying to communicate here...

The next day they hit the road again for Montreal, here in a park.

Liese and "some dude," as the
young historians identified him

Liese, Eva and Keely in front of Montreal's City Hall
It was Fox and Keely's first time out of the country!
(Eva was in France last year and of course Tim and Liese have been around...)

Keely and Liese on the Place Jacques-Cartier

I love the nightlife, I love to boogie!
Kids' hotel was near McGill, Montreal's cool English-speaking university

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