New and Improved Yard
April 2001
Click here to see  pictures from July 2001

Our three new mature trees
(l-r pin oak, emerald queen maple, crimson king maple)

new trees from another angle:
(l-r emerald queen, crimson king, pin oak)

and yet another angle
(l-r emerald queen, pin oak, crimson king)

(to see cool pictures of these big trees being installed, click here)

Back walkway leading to patio
Bradford Pear with bulbs

another view of the pear tree with bulbs

The Bradford pear in its spring glory

Dutch flowers up close

and even closer

Gail, Liese and Grace plant pansies around the pear tree

Grace, Gail and Liese planting pansies

Tim moving dirt (a glamorous job)
Ellen's forsythia in the background

Going back for more...

Part of the wall of green we built of hemlocks and thuyas

More wall of green

Unfinished terrace, with future herb garden foreground

Table on terrace

another view of the table, with farm in the background

Front of house, with cherry tree in full bloom

Cherry tree from the driveway, part of new front walkway

more of the front walkway

perennials growing beside the new front walkway

Tulips, close up

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