Spectacular Oia ("Ee-a"),
at the northern end of Santorini

Tomatoes sun-drying on a porch in Oia

View of the harbor at Oia from the top of the stairs

Earthquake ruins at Oia

Deb contemplates walking down to the harbor at Oia

Funky statue at Oia

Relaxing before the descent

These are the steps we went down--fortunately we caught a taxi back up!

The steps at Oia, from the bottom. Excellent place for a taxi stand!

Fishing boats in the Oia harbor

Fisherman at work in the harbor at Oia

Fisherman with swordfish
(the fish goes from the water right into the kitchens of the restaurants at the harbor)

Santorini (Thira)
Santorini beaches

More information on Santorini
The story of the unusual geology of the island

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