Beautiful Santorini (Thira), Greece
July 1999

(This is the island that gave rise to the legend of the lost continent of Atlantis!)

View of the caldera (that's where we get our word cauldron from) from our hotel balcony.
This is the gaping hole created by an ancient huge volcanic explosion 3,500 years ago. The water is very deep.
All the islands that ring the caldera are fragments of the bigger island that once existed.

The cliffs of Santorini

Approaching our hotel room through a little tunnel

Ferries in the harbor

Sailboat and cruise liner in the caldera

The pool at our hotel, Villa Butterfly

Santorini harbor at dusk

Caldera at sunset
(volcano remains in foreground, island of Thirassia in background)

The sunsets were breathtaking every night

"Big city" of Fira at night

Kate, our hotel manager with the mostess. She's a Brit who's lived in Greece for many years.

Kate's son Jake hanging out by the pool

Jake diving

Joanne, the daughter of our hotel's owner,
eating a grilled cheese sandwich

Joanne being silly

Joanne says "Enough already with these pictures!" you silly tourists!

"Artistic" shot of caldera reflected in Deb's sunglasses

Santorini beaches

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