Fourth of July Parade 2003
Warren, Vermont

Jude and good buddy Charlotte enjoy
artisanal New England cheese on Jude's deck

The Warren Covered Bridge, built over the Mad River in 1879-1880,
has an unusual asymmetrical design. Vermont's covered bridges are cool!

House beautifully situated on the river. Available for US $950,000.

Crowds stream into Warren Village for the country's best Fourth of July parade.
The normal population of 700 swells to 10,000 every year on this day.

Warren Town Hall, 1872.
A sign posted out front says "Where Every Vote Counts"

Tim watches the band set up on the balcony of the Warren Store.

Inside, the sign on the antique fridge said no booze till the band goes off
(that didn't stop the bring-your-owners, of course).

I don't know if it's the best store in the world, but it's a darn good store.
And that's George WASHINGTON the folks are thanking there, not a certain Dubya.

Flag-bearers from the Essex Junction, VT post of the National Guard begin the parade.
This and a short flyover by two military planes comprised the traditional part of the program.

As always, the inimitable Hap, Warren service station
owner extraordinaire, was the parade's Grand Marshall.

Next up was Vermont Independent Senator Jim Jeffords,
who famously quit the Republican party in 2001 to try to dilute the
power of the Bushites. Jeffords was cheered wildly by the crowd.

We were all pleased to see the Department of Farmland Security...

Vermont being one of the few states left where family farms are not totally a thing of the past.
This was the first time we saw actual cows in the parade!

It was a very hot day and shade was hard to come many people do you know in this picture?

The little kids always occupy the front row...
lots of floats toss them small candies for which they scramble.

Dylan, Deb, Tim and Liese at the parade

One patriotrically painted fellow was giving the kids
ice pops called "justicles" instead--a welcome treat in the heat!

This gigantic and inspiring float featured a world of
corporate logos being turned into a blue-and-green planet.

A nice sentiment

Here comes the Prickly Mountain float,
always the parade's most anticipated.

Samantha and Haley hold a headline we'd all like to read.
Vermont's former Governor Howard Dean is fast becoming
a contender among potential rivals to the incumbent.

Just Us For Y'All had something for the hungry crowd...

A super-size of freedom fries!
(complete with toy weapon of mass destruction)

Liese, Jude and Tim at the parade
Liese was stopped three times by people familiar
with Hot Dog Johnny's in Buttzville, New Jersey!

These folks used the simple game of foursquare as an analogy for politics...

and then set up and played the game in the street!

Odds and sods: financial tips from the Bible, a pigmobile and tree people

Uncle Sam enjoyed the parade from an attic window and so did
Warren resident Jude, who knew an astounding number of people there!

Afterwards many people (and dogs) headed down to the river to cool off.

Sunsets and Farewell
At camp on North Hero Island
In and on Lake Champlain

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