Our new house!

family room

family room, dining area

family room leading to kitchen



Deb's room

Deb's closet

Deb's radiator and window air conditioner


bathroom with "Mondriaan" rugs

Deb's desk

office stuff

bookcases in the office

somehow a grand piano fit in there too!

the only remaining wall-to-wall carpet is
on the stairs going up to the kids' rooms

upstairs landing

upstairs hallway/photo gallery leading to kids' rooms

Liese's room at the top of the stairs

Bob Marley, Salvador Dali

Coldplay, the Smiths
you can secretly get to Tim's room through the closet door...

Liese likes her stenciled doors

we didn't even know we had all this unfinished attic space off Liese's room
when I bought the house--and now it's almost completely filled up with our extra stuff!

Tim's room, aka "the igloo" because he keeps it so cold.
He and Jimmy were just jamming in here.

There's Tim's closet door that leads back to Liese's room...

Beautiful Bordentown
THP Home