Beautiful Sarasota, Florida
March 2001
(photo credits: Jude, except when she appears!)

Dylan, Liese, and Tim on the lovely
public beach of Siesta Key with Grandma Vivian
(don't worry Mom, you're still taller than Dylan!)

Dylan and Liese make castles of the beautiful pure quartz sand

Liese catching the rays

Tim and Dylan enjoy Cheez-Its™ on the beach,
with the gorgeous green water of the Gulf of Mexico behind them

Deb and Jude escape the harsh Northeastern winter

Swimming in Grama's pool
(hurry up before kids are kicked out at 2 pm!)

Dylan and Liese frolicking in the water

Dylan visits the touch tank at Marine Mote Laboratory

Dylan on the carousel

Cousins! Deb, Suzanne, and Judy at Annemarie and Joe's house
(can you tell which one LIVES in Florida and
which two were just there trying to get tan?)

Uncle Joe in his kitchen,
with another troublesome bottle of wine...


Alanna and Stephanie

Five-year-old fun: Alex and Dylan

Little kids and big kids:
Alex, Alanna, Stephanie, Dylan, Anneliese

Deb and Jude with Great-Uncle Dick, our maternal grandfather's brother
(see him 38 years ago here, he's hardly changed a bit!)
Deb and Jude with Aunt Ruth.
Does she look great or what?
She and Uncle Dick have been married for 62 years!

Cousin Gloria enjoys a laugh

Elliot, Gloria's husband Myron and Uncle Dick kick back
on the couch in Vivian and Elliot's all-white living room

Elliot and Liese played a lot of cards.
He says she cheats. We don't THINK so...

Liese and Dylan playing war

Deb and her kids

Tim, Deb, Liese and Grandma Viv

Vivian's Family Photo Album

Vivian and Elliot's trip to Vermont and Nova Scotia Summer 2000

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