Tim Moves to Maine!
September 1, 2006

The University of Maine is in Orono...we drove up to nearby Bangor--
550 miles (885 km) from home--the day before move-in...

This is downtown Bangor at rush hour...Route 2 runs right into town
(yup, the same Route 2 that starts in the Lake Champlain islands
and goes all the way to New Brunswick, Canada).

Sunflowers and park benches downtown.
Bangor is the "big city" six miles from the University of Maine campus
but until the students move in, it's pretty quiet.

Zinnias in Bangor

Friday morning, 8 am: cars pulling up
to drop kids off at Hancock Hall, Tim's dorm

we were allowed to quickly unload the car and then
had to MOVE IT immediately so others could pull up

another view of Hancock...Tim's on the second floor

first view of Tim's room

other side of the room

Tim's beloved bike (second from left) joins others in the rack outside the dorm

the side of the library, covered in ivy
Maine may not be "Ivy League," but it IS in the top 1% of colleges in the country
(along with Drexel, Syracuse, Sarah Lawrence, Rider,
Delaware, Rhode Island and Skidmore--most of the family's schools)

kids approach the entrance to the library

library, periodicals room

Tim in the library

The school is right beside the beautiful Stillwater River

Maine Bound is the local chapter of Outward Bound

kids have lots of chances to go canoeing

Two cannons from the Civil War face the Stillwater under towering pine trees, right next to Tim's dorm

Liese outside the Student Center

close-up of those gorgeous flowers

Tim and Liese on the "mall," or what we used to call the"quad" at Syracuse...
the big green in the middle of campus, suitable for frisbees.
You can see a map of the whole campus here.
The day was breathtakingly beautiful.

another view of the mall

The MCA or Maine Center for the Arts,
the largest theater/concert hall and art exhibition space north of Boston

Winslow Hall, one of the older buildings on campus
(the university opened in 1865)

Happy Tim putting stuff in his closet.
Bye honey, we will miss you, see you at Thanksgiving!

After moving Tim in, Deb and Liese headed back to civilization in the form of Portland,
2.5 hours south of Orono, to spend a night in this beautiful harbor city.

Part of the mural on the side of our hotel

view of Casco Bay from the top floor of our hotel

Portland's Civil War Memorial
"To Her Sons Who Died for the Union 1860-1865"

Walking down to the waterfront for dinner...Portland is brick buildings,
cobblestones, lots of cool shops and restaurants, and the smell of the ocean.

houses in the arts district, across from our hotel

great name for a foot spa!

welcome to the wharf
"serving nice people since 1954"

We managed to find this little dive on the wharf called J's Oyster,
which the concierge had recommended, but there was a long wait so we went next door...
concierge says people are catching on to J's...

Liese's shirt was a perfect match for the orange picnic tables at the Portland Lobster Company.
Girl has been waiting more than 18 years to be an only child...
and she now gets to enjoy it for less than three weeks!

the restaurant was lighted by little miniature lobsters, of course.
The real ones were very yummy. Bye Maine, see you again soon!

And three weeks later...Liese moved to Philly!

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