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How I Rate the Films

For you who have asked what my ratings mean, or “What’s the scale?” or“Why is there never a 10.0?” or, in one case “When are you going to see some'good' movies?” here is how my ratings translate: 

10.0  Perfect. Only one film has ever been so rated.
9.0 Superb.  There have been only two such films ever. 
8.0 Magnificent. Just four films have been so rated in the past nineteen years, just one in the 90s and that one in 1993. 
7.0-7.5 Excellent or very, very good. The year’s best films are usually rated 7.0 or 7.5. 
6.0 Fine, top selection, just below the year’s best. 
5.0 Good, decent film.
4.0 Not a good film; may have a good part or two but, overall, not enjoyable.
3.5 and
A bad movie in varying degrees of badness. 

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