Anneliese in Egypt
August 2008

Marcel and his daughters Kim and Anneliese in Marsá al 'Alam (Marsa Alam), Egypt

Happy traveler Liesey, adding yet another stamp to her crowded passport (Netherlands, Canada, Belgium,
Brazil, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Andorra, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Israel, and now Egypt).
At her age (20) I was still four years away from leaving the US for the first time.

the resort where they stayed is about five hours south of Cairo, across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia

Marsa Alam is on the Tropic of Cancer and so has a tropical climate complete with palm trees and mangroves

the beach at the resort

hotel lobby

bed made up prettily

The Red Sea (watch out for that coral, girls! both Liese and Kim got cut up on the reefs)

Marcel, Anneliese and Kim in the pool (it's safer there!)

view of the pool bar

chillin' at the pool bar

Kim and Liese by the fountain

walking around outside the resort

girls at the bazaar, La Casa Italiana

hookahs for sale

shoes, hats and backpacks for sale

donkey pulling a cart

lonely hookah in the middle of a garbage-strewn street

I guess this says something happened here in 1116 and 1704 (at least I can read Arabic numerals!)

Egyptian boy

you can see why you need a driver...those street signs aren't much help if you don't read Arabic

Egyptian pay phone--thank God for triband cells,
I would not want to have to figure out how this works

an intricate building Liese liked

building detail

a rare sighting (from a distance) of Egyptian women

non-Egyptian women ( can you tell?)

not real sure what this is or was--any guesses? or anybody read Arabic?

Liese and a truckful of camels--you don't see this every day!

camels, close-up


view of the Red Sea

beachside games

road trip! entering the desert

desert rock formations

pit stop in the middle of nowhere


this could almost be Greece, though it's even more desolate

note satellite dish

at least there was a gas their driver fills up with the local commodity

Marcel, Anneliese and an unidentified Egyptian dude

scary security checkpoint in the desert

Kim and Anneliese at an Egyptian water park

pretty Kim in front of a mosaic of underwater life

dance lessons back at the resort

Anneliese helps Kim with her skirt

more beach dancing

Kim, Marcel and Inge on the terrace

Anneliese and Marcel


Liese and Kim

colorful cocktails

sunset on the beach

waiting for the flight back to Holland at the Marsa Alam International Airport,
where you don't have to find out which gate you're departing from, cuz there's only one!

pretending to sleep at the airport in front of an Egyptian Pizza Hut

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