Central and Southern Amorgos, Greece

Approaching Katapola, the "big" port of Amorgos
(as opposed to Aegiali where we stayed, which is the little port)

"Downtown" Katapola, harborfront

The part of Katapola on the opposite side of the harbor

Everywhere you go in Greece, there are lots of GOATS.
They are not at all afraid of cars, either, so watch out!

The long and winding road to Agia (Saint) Anna

The impossibly blue water of Agia Anna

Small chapel at Agia Anna

Swimmers (some nude) at Agia Anna

More swimmers at Agia Anna

The approach to the famous Hozoviotissa monastery above Agia Anna

Hozoviotissa was built in 1088 and is still inhabited by four Greek Orthodox monks.


Shipwreck, close up

The ubiquitous Greek cypress tree

The island farmers eek what they can from the
harsh land by building terraces on which to plant.

A nice house in the middle of
nowhere flying the Greek flag

Secluded beach we stumbled across

Deb after visiting the little chapel on the beach

The interior of the little chapel...

...with typical icons and perpetually-burning candle.
These tiny chapels dot the Greek countryside and are rarely locked.

The best snorkeling was at the southern tip of the island.
The water was ridiculously clear!

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