Botanical Gardens
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
All we could think was "thank goodness Ina's not here because
she'd be asking what all this stuff is and we have NO IDEA!!!"

Tree with ball-shaped fruit

A gnarly tree trunk

Bamboo (OK, we knew that one!)

Not quite as big as the giant redwoods,
this was nevertheless a big tree.

Liese and Tim getting some shade under the bamboo.

Red-and-orange flowers

Even the panoramic lense couldn't capture
these 200-year-old palms from top to bottom

Tim, Deb and Liese enjoying the fresh air but trying not to melt in the Botanical Gardens

A gorgeous electric blue dragonfly

The main fountain

It was very hot in there, and anytime you're wearing more than a
bathing suit in Rio you're overdressed. We took advantage
of the many strategically placed stone benches.

The gardens are dotted with
Greek goddesses of all good things

Giant waterlilies from the Amazon rain forest, a real crowd pleaser!

Purple flower

Bust of the garden's founder

Tall tree

Suggestive tree

Weird berries

Agave, the plant tequilla is made from

Zooming in on Deb on another of those benches...

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