Thanksgiving 2002
Jude and Dylan's New House
Warren, Vermont

click here for pictures of sledding at Sugarbush
click here for pictures of the gorgeous new house without people in it

The beautiful Thanksgiving table

Deb, Bert, Dan and Jude--this one's for you, Mom!

This was taken with a digital camera and looks totally different.

The boy cousins: Brendan (almost 11), Tim (almost 16) and Dylan (7)
A little Backyard Baseball, anyone?

The girl cousins, Emily (8) and Anneliese (14).
These were taken in digital black-and-white.

Emily and Anneliese again, in color

Bert & Steve in the kitchen in glorious black-and-white

Dan and Deb break out the winter sweaters

Jude and Deb, sisters

Jude and Deb Z., sisters-in-law

Great picture of Tim except for the red eye effect...
anybody know how to get rid of this?!

Liese IM's on Aunt Judy's cool
PowerBook with DSL and Airport

Brendan gives us a nice close-up

Emily examines something quite intently

Oldest and youngest cousins (Tim born 1986, Dylan born 1995)

Judy's friends Diana and Michael

Judy and Diana

Bert and Michael

Emily with Diana's daughter Harper (6).
Harper goes to school in a real one-room schoolhouse in a very small town in Vermont.
The room has 15 kids in grades K-4, and two teachers.
Harper likes it.

Nice windswept shot of Deb Z., don't you think?
(except for the darn red eyes again)

Steve performs the all-important turkey carving duties before dinner...

and relaxes after it's all over!
Miss Emily and her parents Dan and Deb

Liese and Deb in color and black-and-white...
those braces will be off in the spring says the orthodontist!

Brendan hugs Sammy, Dylan's dog (more pix of Sammy here)

Dylan massages Liese's temples

Jude enjoying being the hostess in her beautiful new home

Liese teaches some card games to the younger girls...

Deb Z. explains something amusing to Bert

Deb peruses Jude's nice collection of coffee table books

Deb and Dylan share a cuddle in Dylan's new room

Close-up of happy Dylan (photo credit: Tim)

Uncle Stephen observes the kids' card game

Emily and Dylan playing Twister
Emily and Harper

Robijn, Deb, Dan, Stephen, Bert, Diana hanging out at the table

Liese and Deb in candelight and soft focus

Tim staving off's tough to be the oldest in your generation.

Bert & Steve staged an elaborate "Dumpling Fest"
for all on our last night there.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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