Vacation in Mexico with Angus!
Summer 2004

Dylan and Angus en route to Mexico!

My Mom took a nap to get ready for the vacation!

Enjoying a show

Now that's some mighty beautiful water there...

Dylan and Jude enjoying some Mexican refreshments

Dylan, Jude, Steve and Angus

Jude and Steve in Mexico

That surf looks a little rough there boys!
But lotsa fun...


North Hero and
Montreal 2004
Mexico 2004
Little League 2004
Hanging out at Bert & 
Stephen's camp 2003
Swimming, tubing and fishing
in Lake Champlain 2003
Warren Fourth of July
Parade 2003
Our new house under
construction and finished
& Hockey
My 7th birthday,
September 2002
Thanksgiving at our
house 2002
Florida March 2001
My cousins visit 
Vermont 2000
My first days of kindergarten
Triathlon 2002
Triathlon 2001
My dog Sammy
Me on the front page of 
the Burlington Free Press
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